2014-15 Upper Deck Ice NHL Hockey preview

Upper Deck brings back the Ice brand for the 2014-15 NHL season with a special release of the acetate printed cards. Each box will come with one autographed acetate card and one memorabilia hit.

2014-15 Upper Deck Ice Hockey has 210 base card that are broken into several subsets with varying degrees of scarcity. There are 42 regular player cards plus an additional 30 Goalie cards and 12 Legends. World Junior Championships cards commemorating top Canadian prospects are broken into three tiers: 16 Level 3 cards (#’d to 1249), three Level 2 cards (#’d to 749) and two Level 1 cards (#’d to 249).

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Ice Premieres rookie cards in 14-15 UD Ice come in five different tiers. Level 5 has 24 cards (#’d to 999), Level 4 has 36 (#’d to 799), Level 3 has 24 (#’d to 24), Level 2 has six (#’d to 299) and Level 1 has 15 cards (#’d to 99). Look for Ice Premieres autograph and patch auto variations available in limited quantities.

udice154 udice156

Every box of Ice contains one UD Black card. Regular Black cards come numbered to 225, with rookies numbered to 299. UD Black Lustrous Material cards are available in 1:64 packs. There are three levels of Lustrous Signatures available to 99 or less. UD Black Autographed Lustrous Rookies are numbered to 349.


Additional autograph and memorabilia hits that are available in 2014-15 Upper Deck Ice include, Rinkside Signings, Glacial Graphs, Signature Swatches, Frozen Foursome, Frozen Fabrics and Fresh Threads. Many of these inserts have Gold and Black parallel versions.

udice155 udice157 udice152

2014/15 Upper Deck Ice Hockey Hobby Box

2014/15 Upper Deck Ice Hockey Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 8 packs per box, 3 cards per pack
  • 1 Auto, 1 Memorabilia and 1 UD Black card per box
  • All 210 base card printed on acetate
  • Look for Ice Premieres Rookie Cards
  • Drouin, Ekblad, Gaudreau, Reinhart RCs!

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