2012/13 Upper Deck All Time Greats Basketball is Live!


Today marks the release of 2012/13 Upper Deck All Time Greats Basketball, one of the most high end basketball card releases of the year.

2012/13 UD All Time Greats Basketball Box

There are sure to be some monster hits in this product. Each box contains one hand numbered hard signed autograph, and the checklist is made up of only 18 greats. On top of that, the odds of hitting a Michael Jordan Autograph are 1 in every 6 boxes!

Here’s the autograph checklist:

Michael Jordan
LeBron James
Julius Erving
Magic Johnson
Bill Russell
Larry Bird
Hakeem Olajuwon
Grant Hill
David Robinson
Dennis Rodman
Jason Kidd
Allen Iverson
Karl Malone
Gary Payton
Paul Pierce
Ray Allen
Isiah Thomas
Reggie Miller

There are also a few crazy hits – Jordan Vs. Dual Signatures, Parallels numbered to as low as 1 of 1, Dual Signatures, etc. The base set is 100 total cards (numbered to 150). Some lucky collectors will even find the  rare Team for the Ages boxes containing 5 cards that are all autographed! Team for the Ages boxes feature Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, LeBron James, and Gary Payton!

For complete details on autograph subsets, check out our product description for  All Time Greats.

We will surely be seeing a ton of hits from this product soon, but in the meantime check out some preview images here:

All Time Greats Jason Kidd


1213udatgjordanvlebron 1213udatgmagichillbooks

Interested in a box? Check out our 2012/13 All Time Greats Basketball Box page, or visit our basketball cards section.


One Response to 2012/13 Upper Deck All Time Greats Basketball is Live!

  1. Tom April 2, 2013 at 7:19 pm #

    Some people are saying that Jordan autographs are being overproduced. I am not one of those people. I am taking a shot with a couple boxes. I’d love to get the rush of pulling an MJ auto, and this product might be my best shot. He’s the greatest of all time. Whatever LeBron does from here on out will only increase MJ’s popularity. Well done Upper Deck!