2012 Topps Five Star Baseball is a Beast!

2012 Topps Five Star Baseball is set to release tomorrow and the product may have been summed up best by Topps who have repeatedly referred to this product as a “Beast”. Topps has been very active promoting the product on Twitter @ToppsCards – let’s take a look at just a few of their tweets regarding 2012 Topps Five Star Baseball.

“5 Star loaded with Bat Plates! Ripken, Ruth, Banks, Mays, Carter, Bench, Jackie, Morgan, Gehrig, Mantle, Cobb & MORE!!”

Gehrig Bat Plate

“This Bat Plate subject list 1 of strongest lists seen, these Barrels from Legends bats embedded into cards make for a VERY special card!”

“Bat Knobs anyone? 5 Star has u covered! Ruth, Yaz, Snider, Banks, JoeD, Jackie, Gehrig, Mantle, Reggie, Musial & More!”

Joe D Bat Knob

“Cut Signature Collectors 5 Star has you covered! Ruth, Mantle, Stargell, Spahn, Mize, Murcer and more!”

Ruth Cut Auto

“Hmmmm what else could we put into 5 Star Books??? Hmmm….Knobs maybe? Bat plates maybe? Cut Sigs perhaps? Check! Check! Check! #BEAST”

“5 Star BB is loaded with Patch Books! Dual Patch, Triple Patch, Quad Patch, Octo Patch and Letter Patch from back of Jersey! #Patches!!!”

“5 Star BB will include Jumbo Relic autographed Book cards, hated books in high school, love Books in 5-Star 🙂 Harper!”

“5 Star BB is not for faint of heart, is uber high end & uber nice! Loaded with on-card auto’s, book cards, barrels, knobs Arrives Wednesday!”

“Is Bryce Haper in 5 Star BB? That is a clown question bro:) Plenty of Harper to be found in 5 Star! @Nationals”

“Every autograph in 5 Star BB is on card, ever Relic (Jersey, Patch, Bat, Barrel) is game used, this product is a BEAST!”

To see all the details check out our product page for 2012 Topps Five Star Baseball – where pre-orders are still available!  We can’t wait to see some of the sick customer pulls from this product!

•    All Autographs are Signed On Card!
•    Each Box Contains the Following:
(1) Autograph (Active Player)
(1) Autograph (Retired Player)
(1) Autographed Relic
(1) Autographed Book or Autograph
(1) Jumbo Jersey Relic, Patch, Bat Plate or Bat Knob

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