Product Preview: 2019 Topps Baseball Series One out in January with Silver Packs!

We are still one month away from the end of the 2018 MLB regular season but Topps is already hard at work at next year’s flagship release! Topps Series One Baseball will be honoring 150 years of professional baseball! We shared the design of the cards a couple of weeks on pour social media pages so lets take a look at what else collectors and breakers can find come January!

As seen in past year there are two distinct hobby box configurations – standard Hobby with one auto or relic and Hobby Jumbo with one auto and two relics per box. The packout is a bit different for 2019 as the standard Hobby boxes go from 36 packs (10 cards per pack) to 24 packs (14 cards per pack).

The base set of 350 cards showcases the diamonds top veterans, rookies and teams. There are also subsets for Future Stars, League Leaders and World Series Highlights. There are plenty of parallels that should be familiar to longtime collectors of the brand – Rainbow Foil (1:10 packs), Gold (#/2,019), Vintage Stock (#/99), Independence Day (#/76), Black (#/67 – Hobby Jumbo only), Father’s Day Blue (#/50), Mother’s Day Pink (#/50), Memorial Day Camo (#/25), Platinum (1 of 1) and Printing Plates (1 of 1).

There is also the all-new 150th Anniversary (1:6 packs) logo edition plus the Hobby exclusive Clear for just 100 base subjects from the 2019 Topps Series One Baseball checklist. Collectors should expect SP print image variations as well.

The inserts in Series One are plentiful and there are a few new options for 2019. Evolution Of focuses on the many changes in the game over the years like equipment, logos, stadiums, and uniforms. The cool Greatness Returns showcases two players – a retired legend and a current day star. Revolution of the Game is for the games most influential off-field icons.

Topps is continuing their 35th Anniversary tribute and next year will focus on the 1984 design. The 150 Years of Professional Baseball line offers 50 of the Greatest Players, 50 of the Greatest Moments, and an assortment of the Greatest Seasons during the last century and a half. All of these inserts above add 150th Anniversary (#/150), Red (#/10) and Platinum (1 of 1) parallels.

While the focus of the Topps flagship release is not the premium hits like autos/patch cards, there are still some of these to be found especially autographs. The 1984 Topps Baseball Autograph insert brings the aforementioned ’84 design back into focus for the 35th anniversary. Parallels consist of 150th Anniversary (#/150), Gold (#/50 or less), Red (#/25 or less – Hobby only) and Platinum (1 of 1).

A new insert is the Legacy of Baseball Autographs which highlight stars from throughout the many decades. Parallels include 150th Anniversary (#/150), Gold (#/50 or less), Red (#/25 or less) and Platinum (1 of 1). Capped at only five copies, the Legacy of Baseball Dual Autographs set finds player connections among multiple decades.

Focusing on the (yet to be played) 2018 playoffs, all of the Postseason Performance Autographs and World Series Champion Autographs are numbered to 50 or less with Red (#/25 or less) and Platinum (1 of 1) parallels.

There are also Cut Signatures (1 of 1), Greatest Moments Autographs (#/25 or less), Greatest Players Autographs (#/25 or less), Greatest Seasons Autographs (#/25 or less), Iconic Card Reprints Autographs (#/25 or less), and Revolution of the Game Autographs (#/199 or less).

There is also a plethora of autographed memorabilia cards (all numbered to 50 or less as well!) like Major League Material Autograph, Postseason Performance Autograph Relic and World Series Champion Autograph Relic. All three inserts feature Red (#/25 or less) and Platinum (1 of 1) parallels!

For the hard-signed collectors there are Topps Reverence Autograph Patch cards (each numbered to 10 copies), there are again Red (#/5) and Platinum (1 of 1) parallels. The manufactured Retro Hat Logo Patch Autograph (#/10) and 150th Anniversary Medallion Autograph (#/10) cards are some other unique options to chase!

Standard jersey cards are also slated to appear across a variety of choices like 1984 Topps Baseball Relic and Major League Material, each with 150th Anniversary (#/150), Gold (#/50), Red (#/25) and Platinum (1 of 1) parallels. Postseason Performance Relics (#/99) and World Series Champion Relics (#/99) also have Red (#/25) and Platinum (1 of 1) versions.

The cleverly named (no pun intended) In the Name Relics feature All-Star Game workout jersey letters and the new for 2018 Historic Homes Relic set honors legendary ballparks form yesterday! Finally, with over 100 options, 1 of 1 Sketch cards are exclusive to Hobby boxes.

Finally this preview would not be complete without the mention of the Topps Baseball Silver Packs promotion. Utilizing foilboard and the 1984 design, these exclusive cards (with many random parallels and autos) are always a hit with collectors and breakers. You get one pack for every Hobby box and two packs for each Jumbo box. Lock in your presell price today – boxes and cases are now up for order on our website!



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