Phenomenal Pulls: Teddy Ballgame

For our latest edition of PHENOMENAL PULLS we have Aaron R talking about his 2011 Onyx Preferred Players box he recently bought from us. It was a good one because he pulled a Ted Williams Autographed Ball!!

Here is what Aaron had to say;

  ‘My name is Aaron R and I recently purchased three 2011 Onyx Preferred Players autographed baseballs from Dave & Adam’s Card World. I was lucky enough to pull a Ted Williams autographed ball! I’m still in shock. My mother, being a HUGE Red Sox fan was ecstatic! It was the best piece of memorabilia I have ever gotten. I commend you guys for selling a great product and always having what I am looking for in stock, as Dave and Adam were the only site I could find this product without going on Ebay. Thanks again.’

What an amazing ball!! This piece of history exemplifies PHENOMENAL PULLS.

Thanks for sharing Aaron!!

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One Response to Phenomenal Pulls: Teddy Ballgame

  1. KZed August 8, 2012 at 10:37 am #

    That is AWESOME!!! That makes 2 of those pulled from Dave & Adams!!!