Phenomenal Pulls Case Edition: 1993 Upper Deck SP Baseball Case Yields 17 Jeter Rookies!

1993 Upper Deck SP baseball boxes don’t exactly fly off the shelves so when we sold the sealed case of 1993 Upper Deck SP Baseball we had in stock we thought that was pretty cool.  We figured that the customer was going to stash the case away as an investment, but we were we wrong.  Our customer recently contacted us and let us know that he broke the whole case!  Michael pulled 17 Derek Jeter Rookies!

Here is what Michael had to say:

The 93 SP case I bought from you yielded 17 Jeter rookies! Now lets see how they grade!

The last Jeter PSA 10 to sell went for $20,000! Here’s to hoping you get a 10!

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