Phenomenal Pulls: Racing Edition – Kyle Busch and Danica Patrick!

Thanks to Matt for sharing his recent pulls from some boxes of 2011 Press Pass Racing Cards.  Matt bought the last 2011 Press Pass Racing Combo Deal we had available in which you get one box each of 2011 Premium, Stealth and Eclipse.  Here is what Matt had to say about his break:

I opened Eclipse first not expecting much and ended up with a Brad Keselowski 4 wide (Sheet Metal, Tire, Firesuit Patch, Glove) #’d/25!  Figured it wouldn’t get much better than that, but then a Kyle Busch Car Cover Signature Series Autograph #’d/11 popped out after that!  The boxes were already well worth it!  Then busted Stealth not expecting much, that first box was good enough! But then a Danica Patrick Redemption Autograph came out #’d/10!




Thanks for sharing Matt!

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