Phenomenal Pull: Jason Heyward 1/1

Thanks to Mike P. for sharing his big Jason Heyward 1/1 Pull, and a nice story to go along with it.

I got my girlfriend into collecting a while back, and she loves older looking cards like ginter. I showed her the tristar obak cards i found on your site and she flipped. So I saved up a little and bought her a box of obak, you sent box #’d 2258/3000. I honestly just wanted the ripken and heyward cards, while she likes cards about the history and facts of the game.

I also got her son, a just minors mystery ball (brandon wood). She handed the cards to me as she opened, first auto was a kyle drabek /50 !!! I looked at all the cards for variations and showed her what to look for as she ripped open the packs. Then she got her 3rd heyward mini about 3/4 into the packs, the name on the front we initially thought was faded, but it actually was in purple ink…. turned it over and there it was a 1/1 stamp on the back. It’s the red-shirt batting pose to boot!@!!! We both went crazy! One of my favorite players in the set and we get (in my opinion) THE PARALLEL MINI CARD of theENTIRE set. UNREAL! And from just one box no less. The 3×5 box topper was a 1/5 also! the craziest thing is that this is her 2nd heyward 1/1 this year!

She pulled a 1/1 heyward/dale murphy booklet out of only one box of topps sterling 2010 from my lcs. Same box had a nolan ryan /5 too….I like to support local businesses as well. It’s great to find an awesome online retailer to buy from too! We had to email you and send some due praise…

Thanks again for sharing Mike. Congratulations on the Heyward 1/1 !

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  1. Hoopography February 23, 2011 at 6:17 pm #

    Second 1/1 Heyward card pull!!! That’s some really awesome luck. Nice Job!!!