July ‘Hit of the Month’ Entry #16 – Robert Griffin III Low Numbered Gem

Jeff M is back and hungry for the ‘Hit of the Month’ title. After wetting our chops with a cut signature earlier in the week, he now gives us an absolutely sick Robert Griffin III Jersey Autograph #’d to 10 from 2012 Panini Elite Football.

2012 Elite New Breed Auto Jersey Prime #’d 3/10

I can see the eBay description for this now;

‘#’d 3(for RG3) of 10 (his jersey number) – TRUE 1/1

Now of course the card is not a 1/1 but if you are an avid eBay troll you would know that people come up with the craziest formulas to try and convince people the card is a one of a kind piece of art. Something Jeff and I have joked about in the past.

Sick pull Jeff – This one may take the cake!!

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