Getting Back into Collecting with Some Great Hits

We received an email from a customer named Matt who recently got back into collecting sports cards. It’s always great to see collectors enjoying the hobby, whether they’ve been doing it their whole life, they just started, or they’ve decided to come back to it. Here’s what happened for Matt with his recent box purchases:

Just wanted to comment on the most fun I’ve had since getting back into collecting a couple months ago. I ordered 3 boxes (2011-12 Panini Past and Present Basketball, 2007 Bowman Baseball, and 2012 Topps Archives baseball) that arrived yesterday. I opened the Panini first and still had a couple hits remaining with a few packs left. I came across a Rex Chapman elusive auto redemption first, and then a Kobe Bryant common signature redemption in the second to last pack!  The Bowman box didn’t bring anything terribly exciting, but I saved the best for last with the Archives. I pulled two fan favorites early in the box (Madlock and Butler) and didn’t expect much more, but then I pulled a Todd Helton printing plate (the first I’ve ever found). The best part came a few packs later, when I pulled a Bryce Harper auto redemption!  I’ve never had this kind of luck before, so it was a very exciting day.  I don’t have pictures to share since they’re just redemption cards, but I wanted to let you know how pleased I was. 

Congratulations to Matt on some great hits. Welcome back to the hobby!

One Response to Getting Back into Collecting with Some Great Hits

  1. Mike April 18, 2013 at 1:15 pm #

    Nothing like Kobe and Bryce Harper Autographs to keep you in the game! Great pulls and welcome back!