#DACWPulls: Pigskin-a-palooza

This edition #DACWPulls features some fantastic football hits that were e-mailed to us by some of our satisfies customers.

The first batch comes from Derek:

Just wanted to say thanks for all of the good memories you are providing me and my kids. We really enjoy breaking open boxes and your store has been so lucky to us. I don’t have much local shops here in Bismarck, N.D. With that said, just wanted to share some recent breaks.
FullSizeRender IMG_4153

Derek and his kids pulled rookie autographs from 2015 Panini Contenders Football of David Johnson and Marcus Mariota. They found Mariota again in a box of 2015 Topps Platinum Football, a huge pull of a one-of-one rookie NFL shield patch auto. We were glad to hear that Derek and his kids had so much fun breaking boxes.

We also got e-mail from Paul, who got some great deals on some football boxes:

Just wanted to quickly say Thanks for the great deals and quick shipping. I just got my 2 packages today (ordered another 6 boxes today lol) and got some amazing cards from some cheap boxes.

Paul pulled a gorgeous Roger Staubach patch auto (#’d 24/25) and a one-of-one Kenny Stills rookie auto from 2013 Panini Crown Royale Football. He also found a 2013 Panini Pen Pals dual-sided six auto featuring the QB rookie class from that year, a Cordarrelle Patterson rookie patch auto from 2014 Rookies & Stars Football and a redemption for one-of-one Jordy Nelson auto out of Totally Certified Football (not pictured).

Thanks Derek and Paul for sharing your hits with us. If you pulled some great cards from boxes you bought from us, then send pics of them to [email protected] or tweet them to @DACardworld to have them featured in our next blog post.

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