#DACWPulls: Heavy Hitters break delivers

The guys over at DACW Live will do customer breaks from time to time for people that can’t wait for home delivery to see what is in the boxes or cases they purchase. Our breakmaster Alex was doing a case break of 2015 Super Break Heavy Hitters for a customer named Sean on Tuesday and you won’t believe some of the hits they pulled.

As you can see from the highlight video Sean scored a 1928 Ruth Candy Co. Babe Ruth card plus a graded rookie auto of Blake Griffin and a graded autograph of Kobe Bryant. This was one best cases of any product ever cracked by the DACW Live crew. Congrats Sean and enjoy those fantastic cards. If you want to learn more about live breaks or want to have your cases opened live by our breakers, then check out www.dacardworld.com/live.

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