#DACWPulls – Harry Kane Black Prizm Auto 1/1

Check out this sick hit that a customer of ours recently shared with us!

Hey guys, first off, thank you for the speedy service by getting my case of 2016 Panini Prizm UEFA Euro 16 out to me so fast…I usually don’t share my hits other than when I post them to eBay, but I wanted you guys to see the monster I pulled from your case that was just delivered today…

There’s only ONE!!!

Harry Kane Black Prizm Auto 1/1

I think this is probably the second best pull in the entire series…next to the Ronaldo Black Auto 1/1
Again, thank you for the service and I can’t wait to buy my next case!!!   Please feel free to share this hit however you’d like.

Thanks Steve…we’ll definitely share it! Congrats!

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