#DACWPulls – Dwight Howard Dominance Black Prizm Mosaic 1/1!

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Thanks to Tim for writing in and sharing his hits from a recent order. Tim pulled some great cards but the most impressive pull was a 1 of 1 Dwight Howard Dominance Black Prizm Mosaic from a  2013/14 Panini Prizm Basketball Jumbo Box! Here is what Tim had to say:

I just received my order Wednesday consisting of 1 box of Jumbo Prizm BSKB , 1 box of Intrigue BSKB, 1 box of Titanium BSKB, and 1 box of Limited BSKB. I was very happy to pull a Bill Russell Red White and Blue auto /15 out of intrigue, and a Titanium RC of Reggie Bullock as well as a Giannis draft day auto. The real gem came from prizm however. I have attached the photo!

Dwight Howard Prizm Dominance Black Prizms - email

Congrats on the outstanding pull Tim and thank you for sharing it with us!

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