#DACWPulls: DACW Live scores with MacKinnon RPA

On February 4, DACW Live held their eighth case break of 2013-14 Upper Deck The Cup Hockey. During that break they pulled what might be their best hit ever from the eight cases they’ve opened.

mackinnonrpaNathan MacKinnon Rookie Patch Autos are the holy grail of 13-14 Cup Hockey, and DACW Live pulled a beauty. Not only does it have a sharp multicolored patch piece, but it is also numbered 29/99. The numbering is significant because it is the same number as MacKinnon’s jersey number. Numbered cards (especially autographs) always gain a little extra value when the number matches the player’s jersey number.

Congratulations to the person that was lucky enough to have landed the Avalanche during this break.

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