#DACWPulls: A rare find in the DACW Live Lounge

For the longest time we didn’t think they really existed, but we finally have proof.

Any order at Dave & Adam’s that’s over $75 earns a free gift. We have a large selection of gifts to choose from, including packs or boxes of cards and autographed memorabilia. One of the products on our list of gifts is 2013 Topps MLB Chipz. You can get free packs or boxes of Chipz depending on how much you spend.

The guys at DACW Live have opened their fair share of Chipz for customers that have requested personal breaks. Inside select packs of Chipz are supposed to be ones that are autographed or contain a memorabilia relic. After opening numerous packs of Chipz without finding either an auto or relic, DACW Live started to question the existence of such hits in the product. They even put up a bounty that if they pulled an auto or memorabilia chip for a customer, then that customer would receive a DACardworld.com gift certificate ($50 for an auto, $25 for a relic).

Those bounties have now been claimed as of Wednesday after a customer got a Todd Frazier autographed chip and an Elvis Andrus bat relic chip in the same order. The lucky customer got three free packs of Chipz with their order, and they just happened to have the elusive Chipz in them.

IMG_2154Even though the bounties have been claimed you can still get free packs and boxes of Chipz with orders over $75 at DACardworld.com. Hopefully this won’t be the only time we find some of these.

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