New Year’s Treasures

Panini ended 2014 with a bang with the release of National Treasures Baseball. In true NT form there are tons of amazing hits in this set with some fantastic relics.

Even the box for National Treasures Baseball looks like a collector’s piece.

panini-america-2014-national-treasures-baseball-teaser-box-1-6 panini-america-2014-national-treasures-baseball-teaser-box-1-3

I’m assuming Panini chose the green felt for the inside of the box on purpose, to give it the look of a baseball diamond.

Here’s a few cards that stood out from some the preview shots that Panini had on their company blog.

panini-america-2014-national-treasures-baseball-bat-barrels-20 panini-america-2014-national-treasures-baseball-teaser-box-1-12 panini-america-2014-national-treasures-baseball-auto-mem-62 panini-america-2014-national-treasures-baseball-auto-mem-26 panini-america-2014-national-treasures-baseball-auto-mem-23

DACW Live is kicking off 2015 by cracking a case of National Treasures on Friday. Be sure to get your slot before they sell out.

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