Getting ready for Flawless Friday at Dave & Adam’s

This Friday is the release date for 2014 Panini Flawless Football, which is the first time football is getting the Flawless treatment. Panini has been teasing us with preview pics of some of the hits collectors can find in this product and they look fantastic. Here are some of my favorites that I’ve seen so far:

panini-america-2014-flawless-football-october-24-preview-3 panini-america-2014-flawless-football-october-24-preview-18 panini-america-2014-flawless-football-october-24-preview-7

There’s some great classic players that have autographed relic cards in Flawless and these are three of the best with Joe Namath, Gale Sayers and Earl Campbell. I especially love Sayers’s signature and how neat it is.

panini-america-2014-flawless-football-russell-wilson-9 panini-america-2014-flawless-football-preview-october-25-3 panini-america-2014-flawless-football-pre-ink-peek-19

Here’s three current-day stars in Russell Wilson, Jason Witten and Matt Ryan with multi-color swatches. Jason Witten signs all his card with the number 82, which is a nice addition to the signature. The Matt Ryan Emerald parallel has a nice piece of a Falcons patch.

panini-america-2014-flawless-football-october-24-preview-2-2 panini-america-2014-flawless-football-october-24-preview-40-2 panini-america-2014-flawless-football-october-24-preview-22

This is a great trio of running backs from the 1990s with these cards of Barry Sanders, Bo Jackson and Thurman Thomas. Being a Bills fan I especially love the tri-color swatch from Thurman’s jersey.

panini-america-2014-flawless-football-october-24-preview-37 panini-america-2014-flawless-football-october-24-preview-32 panini-america-2014-flawless-football-preview-october-25-44

I could not group these last three cards with anyone else but they still look cool. The blue and yellow Rams jerseys weren’t one of my favorites when they were wearing them back in the day but now I geek out every time St. Louis brings them back. There’s also nothing more “1980’s football” than Eric Dickerson wearing his goggles. I have another homer pick with the Jim Kelly card, but he’s the best and the Bills haven’t had a decent QB since he retired in 1996. It looks like that card has a piece of the number 2 from Kelly’s jersey. I was surprised to see Panini included the only kicker in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Jan Stenerud. With that card numbered 2/9 I’m guessing it might be hard to find cards featuring the Norwegian-born kicker.

Don’t forget DACW Live has two live breaks scheduled for this Friday for the release of Flawless. We have a two-case random team break at 12 noon Eastern followed by a High Roller five-case random team break at 1 PM.

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