2016 Score Football preview

2016 Score Football provides collectors with an early look at the upcoming NFL season without having to spend a lot of money. Hobby boxes have a new jumbo configuration that have four autograph or memorabilia hits per box with at least three autos.

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The base set for Score Football is the biggest in the sport with 440 cards, including 330 veterans and 110 rookies. Every pack will have three rookie cards featuring members of the 2016 draft class. Since the product will be put together before the NFL Draft, rookies players will appear in their college uniforms. While we don’t have a specific number there will be several different parallel levels with two parallels per pack. The rarest parallel will be Gem Masters, which are one-of-ones. Printing plates are a special case hit with only one per case.


2016 Score Football will have four inserts per pack. All-Americans inserts highlight NFL players that were All-American during their college career. Cards will feature a pro and collegiate picture of the player on the front of the card. Inserts will have various parallel levels, including Red, Green, Black and Hobby Jumbo exclusive numbered parallels.

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Rookie Signatures autograph cards have eight levels of parallels plus printing plates to chase after. Dual Draft Signatures feature autographs from two players taken in the same draft. Player pairings come from the past eight draft classes. Score Signatures and Inscriptions autographs feature top NFL veterans.

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Relic hits in Score Football include Triple Jerseys with swatches from three teammates. Prime parallels will be numbered to ten or less. Team 8’s are rare one-of-one hits that have jersey swatches from eight different players on the same team with four players on each side of the card.

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