2014-15 Panini Paramount Basketball preview

2014-15 Panini Paramount Basketball is a brand new hoops release that may or may not have borrowed its name from an old Pacific brand from the late 90’s. What we do know is that Panini has brought the classic Dufex foil technology with this set that gives the cards a sharp sunburst effect. Each nine-card box of Panini Paramount comes with three autograph cards, one memorabilia cards and five limited edition Dufex cards.

The base set is broken down into 25 Base Dufex veteran/legends cards and 25 Base Dufex Rookies. All 50 cards have three levels of parallels: Bronze (#’d to 50), Blue (#’d to 25) and Gold (#’d to 10). The 50 players in the base set also have a short printed variation that are numbered to 25. Short prints fall one per case.

panini-america-2014-15-paramount-basketball-kevin-durant panini-america-2014-15-paramount-basketball-jabari-parker

Penmanship autograph cards draw from a larger group of players with 60 veterans and 40 rookies. Basic cards are numbered to 99 or less with three levels of parallels: Blue (#’d to 49 for rookies, #’d to 25 for veterans), Gold (#’d to 10), Green (#’d to 5) and Black (#’d 1/1).

panini-america-2014-15-paramount-basketball-andrew-wiggins panini-america-2014-15-paramount-basketball-kobe-bryant

Look for additional autograph cards with Next Day Cards Autographs and Rookie Impressions Autographs (#’d to 49). Panini has also included 100 different autographed Buyback cards.

Memorabilia cards are headlined by Rookie Jumbo Jerseys with jumbo-sized uniform swatches and are numbered to 49 or less. Paramount has an additional 40 memorabilia card from first-year players with Rookies Home and Away Jerseys plus 20 differed Past and Present Jerseys card. Cards in these two sets are numbered to 40 or less. All memorabilia cards have Prime parallels numbered to 25 or less and Tag versions numbered one-of-one.


2014/15 Panini Paramount Basketball Hobby Box

2014/15 Panini Paramount Basketball Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 1 pack per box, 9 cards per pack
  • 3 auto cards & 1 memorabilia cards per box
  • On-Card Signatures!
  • Look for jumbo memorabilia rookies cards
  • Look for buyback autos


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