On May 17th, the NHL’s New Jersey Devils partnered with Fanaply to release their first digital collectibles in team history.

Fanaply, an industry-leading digital collectibles provider, will host, mint, sell and distribute this licensed Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Collection.

The team’s recent “Made in Jersey” campaign will tie in directly with this fresh set of NFTs, featuring iconic moments in Devils history and the team’s eccentric fanbase.

Fanaply’s co-founder and CEO, Grant Dexter, released a statement saying,

“They [NFTs] allow fans to commemorate amazing moments, milestones and experiences of the teams, games, venues and communities they love through ownership in a unique digital collectible. Our NFTs are inclusive, environmentally friendly and can seamlessly integrate into a team’s existing sales, marketing and promotional strategies to create incremental revenue, real fan engagement and unlock digital and real-world rewards. Fans are telling us they want digital products, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with an innovative, thoughtful, fan and community-driven group at the New Jersey. It’s truly refreshing to see a franchise embrace this new technology and explore how we can do even more for fans.”

“The partnership between the Devils and Fanaply originated from a shared vision and desire to provide a creative vehicle for fan engagement that honors the Devils storied legacy and continued brand story in new, digital ways that will build with the debut of each new digital collectible,” said Jake Reynolds, New Jersey Devils President.

You can find out more about this landmark partnership by visiting the Devils educational landing page explaining more about their blockchain-supported digital artwork marketplaces.

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