Sport Kings Series B

Sport Kings Series B is now in the packaging state, and some changes to the product have been announced:

  • The product has been reconfigured to three packs per box. Collectors can now purchase Sport Kings in individual packs.
  • Each pack contains on insert card (either a hard-signed  Autograph Card or a Game-Used Memorabilia Card) and two Base Cards (either a regular sized Base Card or a vintage “mini” sized Base Card).
  • Each Game-Used Memorabilia Card Insert set will be limited to a maximum of 30 silver versions and 10 gold versions. Many of the Game-Used Memorabilia Card Insert sets will be even more limited.
  • Series B will feature more Autograph Cards than Series A, in fact there will be 1.75 Autograph Cards and 1.25 Game-Used Memorabilia Cards per box.
  • Founding Fathers Cut Signatures include some rare cuts you don’t normally see in the hobby.

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