Panini prepares diverse collection of hits for 2014 Immaculate Football

Panini Immaculate’s brand has been a big hit with collectors since its first release in 2013. With a wide range of relics and plenty of jumbo-sized swatches, it ranks just behind National Treasures as the best high-end release from Panini. The first football edition of Immaculate comes out next week, and we are very excited to get our hands on some based on the teaser pics that Panini has been sharing.

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Rookie content will be plentiful in 2014 Immaculate, and the exciting crop of rookies from last season will make this set even more popular. Of course there will be the traditional rookie patch autos, but there’s lots of other rookie relics available.

panini-america-2014-immaculate-football-memorabilia-extended-look-part-one-96 panini-america-2014-immaculate-football-memorabilia-preview-part-two-27 panini-america-2014-immaculate-football-memorabilia-preview-part-two-96

Rookie Helmets use the sticker logo from the player’s helmet. The sticker is covered by acetate on both sides to make the card see-though. Hat pieces are also included as you can see from the Johnny Manziel card. We’re not quite sure what the swatch is on the Jordan Matthews card, but it looks cool. Other relics to keep an eye our for include: gloves, jersey nameplates, locker stall nameplates, jersey tags, Nike Swoosh logos and more.

panini-america-2014-immaculate-football-memorabilia-sneak-peek-29 panini-america-2014-immaculate-football-memorabilia-preview-part-two-63

Jumbo-sized relics are also available in 2014 Immaculate. Many of the veteran relics come from game-worn jerseys with grass stains and dirt on them. How would you like to find that Brady jersey number card that is 5/5?

panini-america-2014-immaculate-football-memorabilia-extended-look-part-one-100 panini-america-2014-immaculate-football-autographs-preview-108 panini-america-2014-immaculate-football-memorabilia-sneak-peek-13

There’s also relics from legendary greats of the game, including Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith and Johnny Unitas.

panini-america-2014-immaculate-football-autographs-preview-83 panini-america-2014-immaculate-football-autographs-preview-46

Autographs from retired players can be in inserts sets, such as, Pro Bowl Selections and Super Bowl Champions. I’ve always loved the Chargers jerseys from the 1980s. The Super Bowl cards look great with the game logo.


This last one is a nice four color patch card of Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas, but there is something wrong with it. It’s from his Miami Dolphins jersey! Why would Panini waste a card on the partial season Thurman spent in Miami? Sorry, that is the Bills fan in me talking.

DACW Live has two case break of Immaculate Football scheduled for release day next Wednesday. The first one already sold out, but there’s spots available for the second.

2014 Panini Immaculate Football Hobby 6-Box Case

2014 Panini Immaculate Football Hobby 6-Box Case

Product Features
  • 5 Autographs or Memorabilia cards per box
  • Every card in the set is numbered to 99 or less

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