#MVPMondays: Sean Cummins!

Dave & Adam’s MVP Monday is back this week to highlight another amazing employee on the team!

Meet this week’s MVP Sean Cummins, our Director of Breaking!

Although Sean has been with the company for six years, he truly feels he hasn’t worked a day since starting because of his love for what he does. 

As the Director of Breaking, Sean is responsible for our DACW Live team! What is DACW Live you ask? Well, it’s where we stream all of our breaks of cards, comics, memorabilia and much more!

Sean’s path at  Dave & Adam’s began after attending a DACW job fair six years ago.

“I saw that they had a breaker job listed at the job fair and thought that would be such a cool job!. I was told that I would be opening and sorting cards with some back-end work. I sorted cards for fun to begin with, so the fact that I could do it in a full-time position was an exciting opportunity!”

What was the breaking division like when you started here compared to now?

“When I first started, we only broke what orders we had.  We didn’t stream all day like we do now.  If it was a break that was going to take ten minutes, then we streamed for ten and then went off air.  There really wasn’t much traction when we started, but now we stream practically all day, with John on during the day and DC at night!”

Being that you enjoyed sorting cards for fun to begin with, where did your passion for cards and collectibles come from?

“My love for collectibles came from a very young age.  I grew up on GI Joe, Silver Hawks, Thundercats and He-Man, so their toys and comics were a big part of my childhood.  Collecting toys will be my passion long after cards.”

Was anyone in your family also a collector, that may have had some influence?

“My grandfather was a huge sports collector and both of my grandparents were a part of the Buffalo Bills Booster Club. He was the President of the club for 25 years, so you can imagine all the great memorabilia that had around during that period of their lives.  The coolest item that was in his collection, in my opinion, was the license that the Bills needed for War Memorial Stadium to have games. I’m not sure how he got it, but he had it! Another interesting find in my grandfather’s collection was the amount of Bills player’s autographs he had.  All the autos are on photos in toploaders and a Bills bag to keep them safe.  I have been acquiring a collection of autographs for every player on the all-time Buffalo Bills roster since having found the collection, which is over 1300 players.  I only need 150 players, not including this past season: I have over 1000 unique Bills signatures, which has turned into a collection I will pass onto my son.”

Sean’s Grandfather pictured above with Pete Rozelle & Ralph Wilson

Does your son enjoy collecting as well?

“My son is five going on six years old, and I’ve given him some of my GI Joes and Thundercat toys.  He is just as into it as I was.  He knows that there are toys that you shouldn’t open up and to keep them in good condition so they are worth more. For him to understand that at five years old is a pretty cool thing.”

Sean with his son!

After being with Dave & Adam’s for six years and becoming the Director of Breaking, what do you hope are the next steps for the department?

“When I was hired, I was told that they wanted to grow the breaking division here.  I’ve worked for six years with that goal in mind and that has not changed.  With breaking starting on the weekends soon, I believe that is the next step. I’m sure our growth is only still at its beginning.

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Thank you for joining us for this week’s MVP Monday, and thank you Sean for being a part of the Dave & Adam’s family!

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