#MVPMonday: John Warthling

Welcome back to another MVP Monday, where we highlight a member of the Dave and Adam’s community!

Today we are highlighting Johnathon Warthling, and if you are familiar with our DACW live breaks, you know him as Jersey John!

John started at Dave and Adam’s way before he evolved into the DACW personality you see today. Beginning in projects, John worked in multiple departments learning different facets of the business. One day he inquired about live breaking and slowly began developing his alter ego. 

The nickname “Jersey John” actually originated from John himself. With over 50 jerseys sitting in his closest, he realized he needed to start showing them off. He picked out his favorite, came into work, and started introducing himself as “Jersey John.” He continued to model a new jersey everyday and eventually proved he was worthy of his new nickname.

Creating an identity was fairly easy for John and is an important component for success as a breaker, but there were challenges as well. Being on camera was different than anything he’s done before and a significant change from his previous job as a valet driver. The more he broke the more confidence he gained, until finally getting into a grove.

If you’ve ever watched one of his break’s you’ll notice a distinct rhythm in how he opens each box. Each pack is carefully opened and strategically removed from the wrapper. Although he’s expressed he doesn’t have a specific technique it is clear he developed his own unique flair.

Breaking cards full time exposes you to a variety of different products daily, and John is grateful for the opportunity to handle amazing items every day. Donruss Optic Football, Topps Chrome Black and vintage Pokemon are a few of his favorites to break. He admits he still gets “a little nervous” breaking our higher end boxes, but given his experience as a valet driver he knows how to confidently handle a customer’s high-value belongings.

John began collecting at a young age when he came to Dave and Adam’s for Pokemon cards, and since then his love for the industry has grown. Over the years, his determination to pull awesome cards for himself has translated over to his customers and drives the enthusiasm you see during his breaks. “I believe in bringing the best product to the screen that I can. Making people’s days is what makes me happiest.”

Thank you John for everything you do, and we look forward to seeing you pull some more awesome cards!

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