#MVP Monday: Matt Vega

We are back like we never left with another MVP Monday after a two week hiatus. This week we are excited to highlight our Assistant Sales Manager, Matt Vega!

Matt was initially brought to Dave and Adam’s to address customer retention and lead generation. Over the last couple of years, the company has grown and Matt’s role has shifted into Google Ads, SEO and Fraud Detection and Prevention. As you could imagine, his new role is extremely important to the success of our company and Matt has had a very large contribution to our overall fraud prevention. He’s very proud to share that our chargebacks and successful fraud attempts have been significantly minimized, and all of us here are happy about that as well!

Before his time began at Dave and Adam’s, Matt worked in e-commerce where he mostly purchased, bought and sourced products. His experience in e-commerce and love for sports made the transition into his role here easy.  In Matt’s words “It was a logical and practical match.”

Since working here, Matt has drawn a particular fondness for NFL cards, seeing as football is his favorite sport. Although he doesn’t collect any cards, he appreciates their value admires them from afar. He also is not afraid to admit that he is die hard Dallas Cowboys fan in an office consisting of majorly Bills fans.

Speaking of conflicting NFL views, during the 2018 National in Cleveland, Matt ended up meeting Guy Fieri in the hotel bar. They had a nice little banter about the Houston Texans (Guy’s favorite team) and the Dallas Cowboys. At the end of the night, they seemed to put aside their differences as Guy picked up the bill.

Outside of work, Matt is big into fitness and craft beers, despite their conflicting nature. He lost an impressive 55lbs over the course of the pandemic and discovered a new love for New England IPAs. Matt also is very passionate about music and has a full recording studio that he’s been freelance operating for over 15 years. On top of all of this, one of the most interesting facts about Matt is that he’s survived six category-5 hurricanes while living in Florida.

Since Matt has joined the team he has been given a significant amount of autonomy. The trust and that belief the company has in Matt gives him motivation to be the best he can be at his job. Thanks Matt for all you do and for being our MVP this week!

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