#MVP Monday Matt Telford

It’s MVP Monday and this week we are diving into our Hit Parade card department to highlight Matt Telford!

Matt joined our team eight months ago thanks to his high school friend, “Jersey John,” who set him up with an interview at our retail store. He was familiar with the company having frequently visited the store growing up to see Bills and Sabres memorabilia on display. He eventually acquired his own autographed Jack Eichel jersey, which he still has today.

After high school, Matt attended John Carroll University in Cleveland and spent most of his summers working at various golf courses around Buffalo. Finally an opportunity at the retail store presented itself and he jumped on it. After only two months of being hired he was named “Employee of the Month” and not long after he was brought to our corporate offices to work for HP Card.

Matt considers himself a die-hard Buffalo sports fan and his favorite player is currently Josh Allen. His love for the Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills influence a few of his decisions at work from time to time. He admits that he can’t resist buying or using an Allen card in a product, but we don’t blame since he’s one of the most popular names in the industry.

Ironically, Matt didn’t collect cards growing up, but has always been a huge sports fan, which gave him an advantage during his transition to HP Card. Once Matt felt comfortable enough, he was sent to Dallas to attend his first card show. He was immediately thrown into the fire, participating in deals, walking the show floor and interacting with the hundreds of people in attendance. Matt was grateful for his experience in Dallas and believes that opportunity allowed him to learn so much more about the industry.

“I really didn’t know what to expect when I was asked to go to my first card show in Dallas. “It really opened my eyes to just how massive the industry is.”

We look forward to seeing Matt continue to grow in his role with HP Card and we’re excited to see what new Josh Allen cards will be used in our upcoming HP products!

Thanks for being our MVP Matt!

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