MVP Monday: Keith Petrillo

It’s not June 21 yet folks but I have no trouble saying welcome to Summer! The sun is taking it’s residency in the clear skies, thermometers are working overtime and school years are coming to a close – that’s all I need to call it Summer time! The weather isn’t the only thing heating up as we find ourselves in the midst of an incredible NBA Finals and just 2 days from the start of the Stanley Cup Finals! Don’t let all those major sporting events distract you from the real highlight of this week though – another MVP Monday!

This Monday we’re putting the spotlight onto our Senior Software Engineer, Keith Petrillo! With a company as big as ours with such an online presence, Keith is a vital member of our team! As always, we sit down to talk and learn more about our MVP!



What are you looking forward to this Summer?


Other than just getting outside and getting fresh air, that’s all I can really ask for.


Not trying to get your tan on? Play any sports? Cmon… up your summer game! 


Do you have any hobbies? Rec leagues, art, music, etc.


I have a few hobbies including gaming, construction projects, and CrossFit; my most active hobby at the moment is D&D. I started a Discord community at the start of the pandemic and grew it to about 80 people worldwide.


Did someone say… IMPRESSIVE?!


What is your favorite movie & why? 


This is a hard one because I’m such a movie buff. The most nostalgic movie for me is Grandma’s Boy, but there are arguably some better movies that I enjoy watching more, but it’s hard to pin down a favorite.


Would you consider yourself a “Grandma’s boy”? 


What superpower would you want if you could choose your own?


Invisibility hands down. It seems practical.


But we would all miss SEEING you at work! 


Do you have any pets? 


Absolutely! I have my 11 years old Australian Kelpie, Spartacus, and three-year-old Corgi, Atlas. They are the best of boys.


Some fun names you got going on there! 



What are your favorite sports teams and why?


I’ve always been a Green Bay Packers fan for no real good reason other than my favorite color is green. But I’ve been watching them since I was little. I enjoy going to baseball games but I don’t follow anyone in particular.


Not going to lie… funny response for a man who works at a sports collectibles and memorabilia e-commerce company! 


Are you a former/current athlete? What sports did you play? What was your favorite?


In high school, I played football, baseball, and wrestling. I also played a few summers in a recreational paintball league, That was my favorite. I still play now and then but not as much as I’d like.


If you were an animal what would you be and why?


My favorite animals are raccoons. I find them relatable. If I could chill with my homies and eat all day, that’d be ideal.


Pretty sure those animals are nocturnal and if you see them during the day you run far far away…. 


What’s your favorite travel destination/vacation spot?


I don’t travel a lot, and rarely outside the country.  My family owns a cottage on Cayuga lake so as a child we’d go down there every Summer. That’s still my favorite place to go.


Sounds totally awesome! We have got to get you on some business trips around the nation, man! 


What 2 items would you want on you if you were stranded on a deserted island (food and water covered)?


Beyond the obvious boat and compass, probably something like a flint rock and a knife/saw.


Smart thinking… 


Is cereal soup? Why or why not?


So, I don’t consider cereal soup and I’m not ashamed I just Googled that question.




What’s your favorite product that we sell?


I learn more towards MTG singles or comics, but I don’t have a favorite.


Safe to say we have PLENTY of both of those! 


Do you have any collections of your own?


Not really. I want to eventually collect all the Fallout 3 bobbleheads, but I only have one at the moment.


If only Vault-Tec had anticipated the powers these bobbleheads could bestow! Maybe they would have made more than one of each!


What was your career before DA/HP?


Before Dave & Adam’s, I worked a few odds and end jobs, but the most notable in my opinion is starting a creative agency to build websites, applications, branding, etc. I learned a lot in many different areas of business that I use every day of my life.


We’re lucky to have someone as skilled as you on the team, Keith! 


Tell me about your background with DA/HP? What attracted you to work for us? Is there a particular moment or time that sticks out about your experience here?


These two questions I feel are intertwined. This is a story you’ll need to find me and ask about. It’s a tear-jerker.


I went looking for you to ask…and you’re not even in the country right now! Raincheck? 


Is there an achievement or contribution that you are most proud of?


I feel like I’ve contributed a few things in my first year, and I’m proud of just about everything I’ve built. Rather, I take ownership of my stuff whether it’s good or not. The thing I’m most excited about is how we’ll be building the website (I won’t bore you with the terminology, but I could geek out about it for anyone who’s interested).


I can only imagine how many nails it takes to build a website!


What makes you love your job?


I love the culture most of all. The people make it great for me (at least the people that I know and work with). I also love that Eric gives me the freedom to explore new technologies. I get to make cool stuff.


We’re all about community here at Dave & Adam’s! 


What has been your biggest challenge here, and what did you do to solve it on your own?


Well, sitting in a chair and not a desk hasn’t been the best, but to be fair, I’d prefer to be sitting in a chair so I can work things out with Eric and Matt rather than sit at an isolated desk so I don’t mind it too much.


Eric’s office just wouldn’t be the same without you posted up in your chair! lol



Thank you for once again joining us for our MVP Monday spotlight! Be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for updates on all things Dave and Adam’s!

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