#MVP Monday John Rymarczyk!

It’s everyone’s favorite day of the week, MVP Monday! This week we are highlighting our bookkeeper, John Rymarczyk!

John has been with the company for an impressive 22 years!  Back in 1999, he started off working at our retail store and since then, has basically done every job imaginable. We aren’t kidding…you name it, John probably did it. Anything from eBay listings, to imaging and description writing, to buying, to developing products and many more…talk about well versed!

Before his long stature with the company, John’s first ever job was working as a busser at Chi-Chi’s. He made the transition to Dave & Adam’s as a teen who loved cards and sports and decided Dave & Adam’s was a great fit. He does admit that there was a little stint where he decided he wanted to try something different and began working for a trucking company, but he eventually made his way back to Dave & Adam’s!

One of John’s favorite moments at Dave and Adam’s was back in 2002, when the entire company had the opportunity to head to Miami to watch the Buffalo Bills take on the Dolphins. He described the trip as “incredible” and loved being able to have fun with his co-workers.

Seeing his hometown team, the Buffalo Bills play in Miami was certainly a memorable experience for John, but attending a major league sporting event was basically second nature to him. Over his lifetime, he has visited 25 MLB ballparks and 15 NHL arenas and hopes to visit the rest on his list. Of all the venues he’s been to, he highly recommends heading to a Dodgers game in LA or a Golden Knights game in Vegas!

After all these years with the company, John is most proud of the evolution he’s seen and how much it has grown over the last two decades. He also expressed how thankful he was for the great people here at Dave & Adam’s, some he’s spent more than half his life working with!

We are truly blessed to have John and hope he’s with us for another 22 years!

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