#MVP Monday: Jennifer Amato

It’s Monday, which means it’s time to highlight our MVP!

Today our MVP is the Director of Customer Service, Jennifer Amato!

Having joined our team back in February, Jennifer began working for Dave and Adam’s right in the midst of our busiest time during the COVID pandemic. Our customer service team had a high amount of volume and Jennifer had to learn quickly in order to keep up with the demand. She started with the basics as the new Director of Customer Service, and then began learning about our many products and the different ways they appeal to each customer. Jennifer was up for the task and used her team to her advantage.

 “The team around me at  Dave & Adam’s are the best resources for any questions I have. The knowledge they share with me on a daily basis has proven invaluable,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer describes her first day as “very memorable” and remembers walking in not knowing what to expect. She was completely taken back by how vast the industry was and was impressed with how much expertise the team at  Dave & Adam’s team had. Since then, Jennifer has learned from her peers and leads the customer service team with confidence.

When we asked Jennifer what drew her to Dave and Adam’s, she said it was the desire to work in an industry where the experiences within it are ever-changing. She also touched on the importance of working for a company that pushes change for the future. As the industry continues to grow, Jennifer recognizes there is something for every person allowing her to connect with her customers at ease.

Jennifer grew up playing soccer, and since then has always been rooted in sports. Her favorite soccer team is Arsenal, and she watches as many games as she can with her dog Mozart. Together they have watched the US Women’s soccer team win the World cup not once, but twice! I think it’s safe to say that Mozart is a good luck charm.

Jennifer continues to be inspired by the people who surround her everyday. “There isn’t a person on this team who doesn’t put their best effort forward everyday and the feeling is contagious,” said Jennifer. We are thankful to have Jennifer and admire how she puts her customers first and will always goes the extra mile to provide them with an unforgettable experience.

Thank you Jennifer for being our MVP!

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