#MVP MONDAY: Jake Graczyk

 Welcome back to another MVP Monday. Today we decided to go back to our MVP Monday Roots and highlight a human! Meet Jake Graczyk, a member of our marketing team at Dave and Adam’s!

Jake has been with our team since April and honestly we’ve been trying to highlight him as an MVP for quite some time, but he’s been working hard and hasn’t had the time to sit down and get interviewed. Part of the reason may be because he’s shy, but we’ll go with the too busy excuse. Finally, we were able to track him down and ask the tough questions, so enjoy!

Jake worked for a local eCommerce company before making his way to Dave and Adam’s. During his previous role he gained a lot of experience in the different areas of marketing. By the time he transitioned to his role here, he was ready to help the team. Jake always wanted to have a job related to sports in some way, so when the marketing opportunity came up with Dave and Adam’s it lined up well with what he was looking for career wise.

If you work for Dave and Adam’s there’s a high chance you have a knack for collecting, but not Jake. When he was younger he had a few pokemon cards, but nothing that he can consider a collection. He does admit that he would like to buy an autographed Josh Allen helmet or graded card, but he hasn’t done so yet. When you do decide to buy we know the perfect spot Jake!

Wanting to improve and learn new things are the two factors that inspire our MVP to be the best at his job. He likes being well-rounded and this is no surprise to us.  Jake works hard each and every day to provide value to our company and the marketing department. He was able to come up with an email template that has increased productivity significantly. On top of all of this, he was named Employee of the Month after only working here for a short period of time, which shows the impact he has made.

Outside of work Jake is an avid supporter of his local sports teams, the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres. He carries his love for sports into some of his favorite hobbies as well. He loves to play sports with his friends, especially roller hockey and will participate in pickup games whenever he can. He also enjoys listening to comedy podcasts and right now his favorite is Bad Friends and urges everyone to give it a listen! 

We are thrilled to have Jake as a member of our team and we look forward to what you bring to Dave and Adam’s in the future. Cheers MVP!

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