#MVP Monday: Dylan Greenauer

We’re back with another MVP Monday on Cyber Monday! We hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and are just as excited as we are that the holiday season is finally here! As you know, Monday is our day to highlight many of the awesome people here at Dave and Adam’s! We are pleased to announce our MVP this week, Dylan Greenauer, one of our Product Managers.

What’s your background with DA?

Dylan: “When I was a kid, I started off as a customer at the old retail store on Sheridan. My dad would take me to get cards every once in a while and we’d also go when there were big sales on Bills and Sabres merchandise.”

It’s awesome when we find out that someone who works for us was a customer first. We have quite a few employees who grew up coming to our shop in Buffalo and have found their way back to work for the company many years later!

What was your career before DA/HP?

Dylan: “I didn’t have a career before Dave & Adam’s. This was my first job after I graduated from college. I went to Niagara University and majored in marketing with a minor in food marketing. I graduated in 2020”

We are glad Dylan chose to begin his career here at Dave and Adams! If you can recall a few of our previous MVP Monday’s had also started their career here and have stayed with the company for 20+ years!

What attracted you to DA?

Dylan: “I had previous knowledge of the hobby and experience in the trading card market. I thought I could be an asset to Dave and Adams and liked that the company was expanding when the rest of the job market wasn’t. After I graduated in 2020 there weren’t many companies trying to grow during the pandemic, so I really liked that Dave & Adam’s was committed to growth.”

We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to grow during the pandemic. The card industry took off in the midst of it and has not slowed down since. Dylan came to us ready to learn with previous knowledge in the industry and was able to dive in and become a valuable member of our team.

Do you have any collections of your own?

Dylan: “ I collect baseball and football cards. I don’t collect certain players, but I enjoy having a wide variety of cool cards.”

Again, we see another MVP who loves collecting! Having the ability to relate and understand what we are selling definitely gives you an advantage in our field.

What’s your favorite product that we sell?

Dylan: “My favorite product we sell currently is 2021 Topps Archives Baseball. This product brings back multiple card designs from previous years and provides a cool retro feel to current player’s cards. The 2011 card design in this product reminds me of my favorite card in my personal collection, Mike Trout’s rookie card. The 2001 and 1991 designs also featured in this product are elite.”

We always love when a manufacture brings back old card designs for newer products. For many people it plays on the nostalgia factor and brings back memories from previous years and older players. 2021 Topps Archives is definitely a product we saw grow in popularity exactly for that reason.

What are your interests outside of work?

Dylan: “Outside of work I enjoy bowling and the New York Mets. I’ve been a bowler and a Mets fan my whole life. I have bowled six perfect 300 games and two 800 sets, my highest being 864. I also went to game 4 of the 2015 world series at Citi Field.”

Let’s just say I hope we never have a work function at a bowling alley…

Is there a particular moment or time that sticks out about your experience here?

Dylan: “Just how welcoming everyone was when I started. Everyone was nice and was willing to answer any question I had, which made it really easy to adapt to the workplace. I’m glad I get to contribute to the company every day. 

Thank you Dylan for all your hard work and contributing to our company everyday just how you hoped to when you first started. We appreciate all you do and are happy to have you as our MVP this week!

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