MVP Monday: Bryan Doyle

The NBA Draft had it fair share of storylines, the Colorado Avalanche have raised Lord Stanley’s Cup and we’re still a couple weeks out from the NHL Draft…so what do you have to look forward to? Well, MVP Monday of course! Every Monday we highlight an employee who’s been going above and beyond here at Dave and Adam’s and this guy’s no exception! Bryan Doyle is one of our Retail Store Managers/Buyers and has been with DA for a long time now! Let’s dive into the mind of Bryan!


What are you looking forward to this Summer?


Lots planned this summer with the family! Trip to Hershey Pennsylvania, LegoLand in NY, and a Trip to Indianapolis to see the 500 race so far. I’m also looking forward to nice weather, hanging out with the kids and friends, and grilling on the patio. 


Trying to bring some chocolate back to the office… (; 


Do you have any hobbies? Rec leagues, art, music, etc.


Hobbies right now just include keeping up with my 2 kids that are 3 and 5 with all their activities. My oldest just started TBall so that’s fun! . In my non kid time, I recently got back into Halo. The wife and I do have some concerts planned including the deadmau5 one at the Outer Harbor. I also do crafty things like Halloween costumes, shoes, etc. For the office Halloween costume contest, I’ve finished in the top 3 almost all the years I have entered. 


Tball and concerts = BEST SUMMER EVER … can I tag along? 


What is your favorite movie & why? 


This is always a tough one. I would have to say The Matrix. Just an iconic mind bending movie. Great filmography, acting, action, etc especially for the time. I can’t imagine what they could have done with that movie with today’s technology, 4K, sound. 


I prefer more of a RomCom vibe (: but The Matrix is definitely loved by many. Trippy content! 


What superpower would you want if you could choose your own?


Super Nerd answer would be Dragon Ball powers. Can fly, float, go into space, shoot energy, and be pretty much impervious to anything man made. Basic answer would have to be the ability to breath under water. I think it would be cool to be able to explore places others couldn’t go without the use of equipment or a breathing apparatus like ship wrecks or an under water tunnel system. 


That is almost as bad as someone say if you were given a wish what would you wish for?

 “3 more wishes” 


What are your favorite sports teams and why?


Obviously living in Buffalo has caused me to be a fan of both the Bills and Sabres. I do also have a passion for the Colts and Oilers. Back story is I used to live in Indianapolis and got to see Petyon Manning(the real and true GOAT) play as well as see the “House that Manning Built” Lucas Oil Stadium be built and played in. Cool fact is the first game ever there was against the Bill in preseason. I of course went and wore all Bills gear.  For the Oilers, it’s just Blue and Orange is my favorite color combination growing up and that’s what they had so ya .. haha. 


WHAT THE!!! This feels illegal. 


Are you a former/current athlete? What sports did you play? What was your favorite?


Former unfortunately. I used to play Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, and Volleyball. I also was on the Track and Cross Country team. I didn’t really have a favorite as I just have a passion for sports. I played in all types of leagues and found them all fun. My career was ended when I had 2 bad ankle injuries in college which took over a year and a half of recovery time so that was that.


What is up with ankle injuries… they cost us so many athletes! STAY STRONG. 


What’s an interesting fact about you? 


I was on a pit crew for the Indianapolis 500. My previous job/life before D&A was in racing. I had several oppertunities to work with teams and drivers such as Danika Patrick, Jimmy Vasser, Scott Dixon, Chip Ganassi Racing, etc. 


That is one impressive fun fact! 


If you were an animal what would you be and why?


Cheetah. I used to be super fast for short distances. 


Honestly… Great choice I must say. So many pros to being a cheetah. 


What’s your favorite travel destination/vacation spot?


I would have to say Italy. Tons of cool places to visit, sites to see, history, famous art, wine, great food, etc. When I was able to visit there I went to the Vatican, Florence, and Rome. Was an amazing time with some amazing sites. 


Sounds like paradise to me… WOWZA! 


What 2 items would you want on you if you were stranded on a deserted island (food and water covered)


Sat phone and an UV protective tent. Being from Buffalo, I don’t see sun that often so would have to protect the skin from the burn 😀


Different… have fun with no food! 


Is cereal soup? Why or why not?


Nope. Soup is made with water and vegetables. Cereal is milk and wheat products. 


I agree. But to be honest, I never though of it product wise…. just consistency. 


What’s your favorite product that we sell?


This has changed over the years. I used to love collecting hockey back in the day with my friends UD Series 1 or 2. Getting Tins and trading Young Guns and stars of our favorite players. Then I switched to SP Game Used and Authentic. Chasing the Future watch Autos and True SPGU Rookies. Now, I really like baseball and Topps Stadium Club. Some of the best photography on the market for any sport. Plus autographs coming out of the box are on card which is always a huge plus for me.  


Good answer!! Loving the specifics. 


Do you have any collections of your own?


I collect Game Used memorabilia mostly or I have pieces that are very unique/limited. My favorite pieces would probably be the 2 Game Used Draisaitl Helmets or my one of a kind Sabres Sword piece. Took me quite some time to get that one going and set up as the swords were a one time release by the Sabres when they were first brought into the league. They were either given to the first few season ticket holders, given to high ranking staff, or bought for $40 in 1970. Rumors are there are less than 1500 out there. 


Yep… definitely cooler than my sticker collection… 


Tell me about your background with DA? What attracted you to work for us?


I have been with the company for just over 7 years now. I love sports and trading cards and was looking for a fresh start. D&A had a job fair which I attended and interviewed for the job of Box Breaker. Sadly that position was filled but I have done almost every other job since then whether it be retail, at the office, or going to shows. Product management, Retail Manager, Buyer, and Premier Sales Rep to name a few. Lots of different hats for this guy haha. 


Passion is everything!!! 


What was your career before DA/HP?


Before here I was involved with racing. I worked for a Composite company that helped design, build, or repair parts for all forms of racing (Indy Car, Nascar, NHRA Drag Racing, IMSA Prototypes, etc.) Parts included Seats, Headrest, Steering Wheels, Mainplanes, or anything else made of Carbon Fiber or Kevlar. I was also a Simulation Tech and the North American Rep for a company called Cruden. They made simulators for drivers to use to train on or for the public to use and get a feeling for what it was like to drive a racecar. 


Very cool! I prefer a good old-fashioned horse race!


Is there a particular moment or time that sticks out about your experience here?


My first Sports Card National will always stick out. I had been to trade shows and similar events before but nothing prepared me for the sheer volume of people, questions, sites, and athletes/celebrities that were there. Where our booth was located was a great spot as we had Panini on one side and Upper Deck on the other. Upper Deck had brought all the NHL trophies besides the Stanley Cup. Very cool to see those in person. Then Panini had brought in guys like Barry Sanders, Chipper Jones, Patrick Renna, Mo Bamba, and Collin Sexton. At one point, you could play the basketball shooting game against them, which I soundly lost lol. 


That is so cool! We love a groundbreaking, eye-opening sports moment! 


What makes you love your job? 


Getting to work with different athletes, working with a new breaker to help them build the best room possible, have a kid buy a box and open a card hes been trying to get and seeing the look on their face of pure joy. Everyday is a different kind of day here. 


Such a wholesome response! 



Thank you Bryan for all that you do! You are the real MVP!


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