#MVP Monday: Bryan Doyle

It’s MVP Monday time! Today we are highlighting a member of our Retail Store, Bryan Doyle!

Bryan has been with our team for over six years now! He was originally drawn to Dave & Adam’s after collecting with a few friends and developing an interest for the industry. He decided to attend the D&A job fair since he always had positive experiences at our retail stores. Fortunately for him, there was an opening in box breaking and he jumped on the opportunity!

Bryan has had many different roles since starting within the company back in 2015. He began checking in apparel at our warehouse before shifting over to help with the Grand Opening of our SuperStore. After that, he spent time as a Premier Sales Rep in our corporate office, until finally making his way back to retail. Bryan learned a lot and is proud of his growth within the company. Throughout the years, he has been blown away by the knowledge his coworkers have and the unique qualities that allow them to be leaders in the industry.

Like most employees at Dave and Adam’s, the experience that sticks out the most to Bryan is the National Sports Card Convention. He worked trade shows in the past, but they were nothing compared to what he experienced at his first National. He was most impressed at the amount of people who attended and loved hearing stories from collectors who traveled from all over the world.

As we know, our industry rapidly changes and it’s important to have knowledge of what is happening in the sports world. Early on, one of Bryan’s biggest challenges was familiarizing himself with the NBA. He didn’t play basketball growing up and never even watched it on TV, but knew how important this was to his job. He did research, talked with customers, watched highlights and live breaks, and his basketball knowledge began to grow. He worked hard to better his career at Dave & Adam’s and became a credible source for our customers. This is one of the many reasons Bryan is our MVP!

To top it all off, Bryan truly loves what he does. When asked what inspires him to be the best at his job he responded with, “seeing the faces on customers when they pull something crazy and get super excited. It’s a joy to watch.” We are so happy to have someone who loves helping our customers as much as Bryan does.

Thank you Bryan for all that you do! You are the real MVP!

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