#MVP MONDAY: Brian Sampson

Happy Monday everyone! Welcome back to another MVP Monday here at Dave and Adam’s. If you’re new here, this is our way to highlight a member of our staff every week! Today, we are excited to highlight our Vice President of Marketing, Brian Sampson.

If you’ve been keeping track you’d know that a good handful of our previous MVPs have been with the company for many years, some dating all the way back to 1991 when Dave and Adam’s first opened. This week’s MVP, Brian, is an employee that has been here almost from the start, boasting an impressive 25 years with the company! He remembers when Dave and Adam’s first opened around the same time he entered high school. He and his cousin would spend most of their free time at the store buying cards or playing Sega hockey. When he graduated from high school and was heading off to college he picked up a shift at the store, opening the door to the next two decades of his life. If there is a job here at Dave and Adam’s we are almost certain Brian has done it. Whether it be pulling orders, shipping, or accounting Brian has had the opportunity to learn and experience pretty much every facet of the business.

The great thing about starting with a company right out of college is skipping the daunting job search process and Brian admits the opportunity to skip this step initially attracted him to work for Dave and Adam’s. Before working for the company, Brian worked concessions at the Buffalo Zoo and a few catering jobs, but for the most part, Dave and Adam’s has been his career. He has been with the company since the start and has seen the growth first hand. Brian said, “Growing from a small card shop to an eCommerce company with 100+ employees that ships all over the world, it’s pretty impressive.” Brian attributes the growth to our owner Adam and current and former employees who have worked hard to make Dave and Adam’s what it is today.

Although Brian admits he hasn’t bought a box of cards in over 15 years, he used to collect sportscards growing up. He recently came across his collection, which consists mostly of Pierre Turgeon cards, his favorite player growing up. All that said, if he were to buy a  box of cards today, Brian says it would definitely be any Upper Deck The Cup products.

Outside of work, it is all about family for Brian. He and his wife Janna have three kids, Kennedy, Noah, and Lily who are actively involved in sports, consuming most of Brian’s free time.  When he’s not at work you can find him at an ice rink, soccer field, baseball diamond or gymnastics meet.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about our MVP Brian and we look forward to highlighting a new employee next week!

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