Dave & Adam’s Gaming – Check out our latest Magic cards back from Beckett Grading Services!

Just in time for GenCon, Dave & Adam’s got back their latest grading order from Beckett! Lots of high-grade, old-school, vintage Magic the Gathering cards from all the early sets: Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends, and a bunch of items from Collector’s Edition (CE) and International Collector’s Edition (IE). CE and IE are square cornered collectible reprint sets, and usually has some centering issues which hurt the overall grade, but this set was pretty solid: no IE cards have ever graded out to a BGS 10 Pristine before, but this order had an incredible FOUR cards earn that score! Look for these cards and many other graded singles in our booth at GenCon, GP Indianapolis, and GP Washington DC, and then on our website after those shows wrap up! Email Joe at [email protected] for more information.


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