Friday Night Magic Recap 2/19/2016

Hello everyone, itโ€™s time for another look at Dave and Adamโ€™s FNM. We have 2 new winners this week. From Standard, we have Peter Bloomingdale, who was running Abzan Blue. Peterโ€™s deck is essentially an Abzan aggro deck splashing blue. Uncommon standout from Oath of the Gatewatch, Reflector Mage is extremely useful in a deck where you have access to Snapping Gnarlid and Siege Rhino, and even potentially the Modern-playable Collected Company to muck up combat at instant speed. Abzan has been and probably will continue to be a popular deck for as long as Anafenza the Foremost and Siege Rhino are legal in Standard.


2-19 One


Our Modern winner from this last weekend was Dan Leff, who was running Blue Moon. The name of this deck comes from the fact that the deck runs maindeck Blood Moon. This seems like a good idea in the current world of Eldrazi in Modern. Turn one Lightning Bolt, turn two Remand or Mana Leak into turn three Blood Moon seems like a decent way to try to fight against a curve of Edrazi Mimic into Thought-Knot Seer into Reality Smasher. It remains to be seen, however, how this deck will fare against the new Blue/White version of the deck which had a good showing at the Open this past weekend.


2-19 Two


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