Leaf Decision 2016 preview

The best “reality TV show” in America in 2016 might be the coverage of the 2016 Presidential election. With personalities that have giant egos saying outrageous things almost on a daily basis, it has become must see TV (and that’s just one candidate). Now the race for the White House has its own trading card set with Leaf Decision 2016.

Decision 2016 will feature 60 different political figures as part of the 110-base card set. The checklist for Decision 2016 appears to include the current crop of Presidential wannabes, current and former Presidents of the United States (but not the band) and other personalities connected to the race.

The biggest (and loudest, and most polarizing) person involved in the 2016 election process, Donald Drumpf, gets his own insert set with Drumpf Under Fire. These will cover some of the most controversial moments of The Donald’s campaign, and there’s plenty to choose from. Portraits chase cards provide an up close look at some of the candidates. White House Candidates Letters feature cards that spell out the last name of presidential contenders.

Relics cards in Leaf Decision 2016 include Political Gems, which feature three gems embedded in the card. God Bless America include an American flag patch relic. Super Flag Patch have jumbo-sized flag patches. The most unique, and maybe most American, relic cards are the Money Cards featuring pieces of shredded United States currency. There are also cut signatures as rare, one-of-one hits.

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