Topps Bringing Letterman Brand to Football

Topps has announced that the Letterman Brand will be introduced to the football card market as 2008 Topps Letterman Football will be on hobby shelves at the end of October.

Each master box guarantees:

  • 1 Autographed Letterman Card (#’d to 50 or less) – Featuring both game-worn and manufactured full player letters.  The clear autograph sticker is uniquely placed across a clear plastic band allowing the collector to see through the autograph and see the entire letter.
  • 1 Autographed Patch Card (#’d to 50 or less) – Includes Quad relics, Jersey Number Patches, Team Logo Patches, Rookie Patches and Dual Rookie Patches.
  • 1 Patch Card (#’d to 30 or less) – Includes Jersey Number Patches, Quad Patches, Letterman Patches and Jersey Tags.
  • 3 Rookie Cards (#’d to 949 or less) – Printed on chromium technology
  • 6 Veteran/Retired Cards (#’d to 1499 or less) – Printed on chromium technology

Every card also includes Refractor, X-Fractor and one of one SuperFractor Parallels.

Each Case Contains:

Every 4 box case contains (1) highly sought after AUTOGRAPHED BOOKLET CARD #’d 50 or less or (1) AUTOGRAPHED ROOKIE PATCH CARD.  Each 8-box case includes both.

Check out the sneak peak of an Adrian Peterson Autographed Letter Card. The new clear sticker auto looks pretty sharp on this card.

Adrian Peterson Autographed Letterman Card

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