Top 5 Hottest Sports Card Boxes 7/9/08

The top 5 is back this week, with a Football Card product leading the way.

1.) 2008 Donruss Classics Football

2008 Donruss Classics Football

With 3 hits per box and a very collectible 2008 rookie class, Donruss Classics is an instant hit. This product delivers great content.

2.) 2008 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Baseball

SP Legendary Cuts Baseball

SP Cuts continues to be right at the top of everybody’s want list…and how could it not? Year in and year out this is a quality product and a fun break for baseball fans.

3.) 2008 Upper Deck Heroes Football

Upper Deck Heroes Football

One of the most cherished inserts of all time makes its brand debut with a splash, offering collectors a chance to obtain the hottest 2008 NFL Rookies, Veterans and Legends. For those who have collected these inserts in past Upper Deck products, ripping through some packs of 2008 Heroes may feel like a blast from the past with a new twist.

4.) 2007/08 Upper Deck BAP Signature Hockey

Be a Player Hockey Box

Be A Player Hockey delivers an autograph per pack and a dual signed card in every box on average. This product delivers some awesome NHL autographs.

5.) 2007/08 Upper Deck Cup Hockey

With just about 2 weeks to go before this product releases, the anticipation for Cup Hockey continues to grow.

What products are in your top 5?

(Please note: The Top 5 is purely an opinion of a Dave and Adam’s employee. This is based on sales, feedback from collectors, and market trends.)

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