Top 5 Hottest Sports Card Boxes 5/8/08

1. 2007/08 Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey

SP Authentic Hockey is scorching right now. This perennial winner is being driven by the always popular Rookie Cards #’d to 999. Collectors have no shortage of rookies to chase this year with stars Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Carey Price, and Nicklas Backstrom leading the way.

2. 2007 Topps Co-Signers Football

Topps Co-Signers Football is being driven by 2007 NFL Rookie of the Year Adrian Peterson, as well as the content of three auto’s per box.

3. 2007/08 ITG Superlative Hockey

Many collectors seem to be really pleased with the effort In the Game put into Superlative Hockey. This product is loaded, each pack contains :
1 Hard signed autograph card
1 Game-used jersey card
1 Game-used patch card
1 Superlative Prospect autographed game-used jersey card
1 Autographed game-used jersey card
1 Famous Fabrics card
1 Memorabilia card

4. 2007/08 Upper Deck Premier Basketball

When Upper Deck announced that the remaining basketball products for the year would be short printed, collectors took note. This edition of Premier Basketball has only 499 cases produced, with every box delivering strong content.

5. 2007 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Football

Another product being driven by the hot rookies of 2007, including the ultra-hot Adrian Peterson. With Ultimate delivering a signature in every pack as well as 2 memorabilia cards, this product has remained strong.

(Please note: The Top 5 is purely an opinion of a Dave and Adam’s employee. This is based on sales, feedback from collectors, and market trends.)

What products are in your top 5?

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