Hokeja Kartinas

Hokeja Kartinas!! Or better known as ‘hockey cards’ in Latvia, are more than just a North American passion.


Upon searching for European trading cards on the web, we stumbled upon this gem based out of Latvia. Come to find out it is the first hockey card website in the Baltic States (made up of Latvia, Lithuania & Estonia).

Complete with a checklist of European stars, a forum to discuss trades and the ability to search players by nationality, HokejaKartinas provides a good base to the European hockey card market.

What sets them apart from the rest is their selection of cards from the KHL, the Russian version of the NHL. Yes, you heard me correctly, other leagues exist besides our beloved National Hockey League. Instead of Upper Deck and Panini, you will find products such as Dinamo Riga, and KHL branded cards including their Lokomotiv Series, paying tribute to the KHL Team that tragically died in a plane crash back in 2011.


However you look at it, this is another great site for collectors of all things hockey, proving that its not just American & Canadian dollars being spent on the hobby. The collecting spirit is strong in Latvia as well as all over Europe and with sites like HokejaKatrinas leading the way, we don’t think it is going away anytime soon.