The force is strong with the latest release from Hit Parade Star Wars!

We are back with another new product release from the Hit Parade Star Wars family – 2018 Hit Parade Graded Figure Edition Series One. This debut series is loaded with many great original Kenner figures from their glory days from 1977-1985. Each box contains one vintage original Kenner figure graded by AFA. Let’s take a closer look at this series!

This product features some truly amazing hits from all reaches of the galaxy! Find AFA Graded vintage Kenner figures of Sears exclusive Blue Snaggletooth (AFA 80), Yak Face (AFA 80+), Boba Fett (AFA 85+), Luke Skywalker (AFA 75+), Darth Vader (AFA 80), Tusken Raider/Sand People (AFA 80), and all your favorites like Han Solo and Chewbacca as well!

As you can see 2018 Hit Parade Graded Figure Edition Series One is loaded with great vintage figures! This is a great way to start off a vintage Kenner collection or fill in some wholes at a good price! This debut series is strictly limited to only 50 boxes……so order yours now because these are going to go faster then the Millennium Falcon’s Kessel Run of less than twelve parsecs!


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