Comic Slab Hit Parade: The Amazing Spider-Man Edition

We are constantly looking for new ways to expand our ever popular Hit Parade product line and we are pleased to announced our newest release will dive into the realm of graded comic books. Our 1st ever Comic Slab Hit Parade product features one of Marvel Comics’ flagship title and character, the Amazing Spider-Man! This inaugural series consists of 300 boxes each containing one CGC or CBCS graded comic from the 1st 300 issues of the Amazing Spider-Man series. That’s right every issue from #1 (est. retail value of $3500) to #300 (1st appearance of Venom) is in this product. Every book is universally graded meaning that no copies have had any restoration work done on them, thus ensuring maximum value. Be on the lookout for key 1st appearances of both the friends and foes of Spider-Man including the Green Goblin (Issue #14), Doctor Octopus (Issue #3), the Punisher (Issue #129) and many more. This is you chance at owning some amazing pieces of comic history at a fraction of the price!


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