2016 Hit Parade Golf’s Best preview

Introducing 2016 Hit Parade Golf’s Best!

Golf makes a return to the Hit Parade lineup in a big way! This release is extremely limited with only 50 boxes being produced. These boxes are jam packed featuring some of the biggest names in golf. Every box contains 4 memorabilia cards and 7 autograph cards  – PLUS one more big hit!

Rory McIlroy autographs fall 1 in every 5 boxes on average!

Each box contains 17 cards:

  • 11 Hit cards – 4 memorabilia cards and 7 autograph cards
  • 5 cards from the first modern golf set, 1981 Donruss, featuring rookies of The Golden Bear Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, and star of your Nintendo NES, Lee Trevino!!
  • 1 Golf’s Best hit – These include autographs, patches, and rare inserts, from top players, including many numbered to 10 or less!

We’ve included everything in the packs, so no redemptions, instant gratification!


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