World of Warcraft Trading Card Gamers Help Bring Food to the Hungry

You don’t need to be the biggest group to have the biggest impact. That is certainly true of our group of six World of Warcraft Trading Card Game players who brought gaming and community service together in a remarkable way this past weekend at Dave and Adam’s Transit Store.

All this month, the Champions of the Black Flame (volunteers who work with Cryptozoic Entertainment to support their local gaming communities) have been organizing food drives for a global event dubbed Chase The Can. Our own Greg Lapa, tournament organizer extraordinaire, has been no exception and boy did it pay off!

This past Saturday, Greg and our devoted group of World of Warcraft Trading Card Game players brought a collective FOUR HUNDRED AND FORTY non-perishable food items in for their charity card tournament. Cans functioned as an entrance fee and then later provided players with bonuses in the actual tournament. Gaming and community service came together in a beautiful way.

I would personally like to thank Cryptozoic Entertainment for providing the format for this charitable event. While the primary goal of any charity event is to raise resources for the less fortunate among us, Cryptozoic Entertainment created an event that made it fun for all involved. Even more then Cryptozoic itself, I want to thank our players. Seeing the MOUNTAIN of cans the TOWER of Ramen noodles (which, admittedly, reminded me far too much of my college days) filled me with a pride I cannot easily put into words.

Hauling all of those canned goods to a donation site the next day was less divine.

However, I will not soon forget the look on the face of the deacon at my parent’s church when I showed up and told him how much stuff I would be lugging into his building. Nor will I forget trying to explain how World of Warcraft had been involved in bringing it to him.

Through Saint Benedict’s Church the food will be distributed to the Buffalo City Mission, Saint Francis Food Pantry, and other organizations around the Buffalo area. Thank you to everyone who made this event such a stunning success. We’re all looking forward to doing more events like this in the future.

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Have a happy holiday season and game on!

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