GenCon Buying Recap

Gen Con 2018 is in the books and our gaming team here at Dave & Adam’s had a blast all week long in Indianapolis! For those unaware Gen Con is the longest-running gaming convention in the world! Think San Diego Comic-Con (comic books) or The National Sports Collectors Convention (sports collectibles and memorabilia). Gen Con’s tagline of ‘The Best Four Days in Gaming’ is well deserved and not unfounded as there is a plethora of exhibitors, events, entertainment and gaming companies in attendance! With this comes the once a year opportunity for our buyers to secure some hard to find and rare items! Let’s take a look at some of the awesomeness they brought back from Indy!

For Pokemon fans here is a sampling of cards from the Pokemon Base Set 1st Edition Shadowless set. The buyers picked up a complete set of this grail Pokemon release!

From Magic the Gathering here is two Beta Black Lotus including one that was signed by the late Christopher Rush! The team also picked up a Unlimited Mox Ruby, a Mishra’s Workshop, two Bazaar of Baghdad, a Drop of Honey, and an Ali from Cario.

They also grabbed a booster box of The Dark and two booster boxes of Alliances.

More Magic goodness came in the form of a sealed set of Collector’s Edition and a complete fresh set of Italian Legends! WOW!

Look for these items to be available for sale on website shortly, once we get them properly inventoried. Our buyers are always looking for new and exciting cards to add to our stock so if you are looking to sell your collection please do not hesitate to contact our gaming team at the following: 1-888-440-9787 ext. 113/123 [email protected].

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