Friday Night Magic: Rogue Recap Episode 1!

Hey Everyone! Welcome to the first edition of Dave and Adam’s Rogue Recap. This article series will focus on high finishing decks at our FNM that aren’t your normal run of the mill archetypes. For our debut article, we will take a look at a deck ran by Jeff Stutz to a 4-0 and first place record at a recent Standard FNM. This deck was a collaborate effort by all 3 members of Dave and Adam’s own Team Farseek!


Now, lets take a look at the deck:

3 Phenax, God of Deception
2 Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver

2 Hover Barrier
4 Desecration Demon
4 Murmuring Phantasm
1 Consuming Aberration

2 Jace, Memory Adept

3 Psychic Strike
4 Devour Flesh
2 Wall of Frost
2 Underworld Connections
2 Hero’s Downfall
3 Doom Blade

4 Temple of Deceit
4 Watery Grave
7 Swamp
7 Island
4 Dimir Guildgate

4 Dark Betrayal
2 Pithing Needle
3 Bile Blight
2 Wall of Frost
2 Hover Barrier
1 Duskmantle Guildmage
1 Hero’s Downfall

Any fan of Magic knows that mill (getting rid of the opponents deck rather than attacking) is a strategy that everyone has tried at some point in their planeswalking career and it is always great to see a mill deck perform well against a field. The deck uses Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver and Jace, Memory Adept together to shred the deck apart.



Obviously, in order to save your life points while milling the opponent, you need to have strong defenses in addition to your Planeswalker and God mill engines. Some massive defenses are found in cards hover barrier, murmuring phantasm, and wall of frost.




Normally, these giant walls would be forced to only be defensive cards, but with the inclusion of Phenax, God of Deception, these walls turn into massive threats that can end the game in a matter of turns.


With all of this synergy, it’s no wonder why this deck plowed through the competition and took a 4-0 finish at our Friday Night Magic events! Stop by again next week for our second episode of Rogue Recap which will focus on decks run at our 4th of July Friday Night Magic Event!


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