Dave and Adam’s to Host MTG Grand Prix Trial on March 9th

As part of our ever expanding involvement in the gaming community, Dave and Adam’s Card World will host a Magic the Gathering Grand Prix Trial on March 9th, 2013 at our Transit Road location for the upcoming Pittsburgh Grand Prix Tournament.


Though the Pittsburgh Grand Prix will be a Gatecrash Sealed Event, our Trial will be a Standard Constructed format. We do this so that we can bring this to you with NO ENTRY FEE! We will have a Gatecrash Sealed Event ($20 covers you six packs) at Friday Night Magic the week after the Trial (March 15th) so you can get some practice in.

The tournament length will depend on the amount of players who attend, but we expect 6-7 rounds with a top 8 playoff. Make sure you sign up at our Transit store ahead of time to ensure your spot. We’ll pack people in until we run out of chairs.

Now, for the prizes.

Of course, the winner receives a three-round bye at the Pittsburgh 2013 Grand Prix Tournament. In addition, there will be gift certificates given out to the first, second, and third place winners. Top eight playoff qualifiers will receive Gatecrash packs as well as everyone getting a chance to win packs, portfolios, deck boxes, and assorted promotional material after the completion of the Swiss rounds.

Food and drinks will be provided by Gaming Guru Orrange after the third Swiss round.

The Pittsburgh Grand Prix Event will take place on March 22nd-23rd and holds a top prize of $3,500. Sign up for the Grand Prix Trial now at Dave and Adam’s Card World on Transit Road inside the Transitown Plaza.


Game on.

Special Notes:

* Check out the Event that we have created on our Facebook Page
* This event carries a 3x Planeswalker Points multiplier
* Rules Enforcement Level for this event is Competitive. Please make yourself familiar with this level. An officially licensed Judge will be on hand for all rules disputes. (http://www.wizards.com/WPN/Events/Rules.aspx?category=magic:thegathering)

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