Dave & Adam’s Gaming – Pokemon 1st Edition Box Break

The Pokemon Base Set 1st Edition English boxes are the Holy Grail pieces of any Pokemon collection. This is the very first printing of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, it flew off the shelves when it first came out and has been tremendously rare throughout its history for anyone ever looking to purchase one now.

This set contains the most iconic cards that people think of when discussing the Pokemon card games and the cards can be worth an insane amount of money! For example, BGS 10 1st edition Charizards have sold for $50,000 on its own!

This was a factory sealed box, we have not searched or cherry-picked the packs. Verification of the heavier packs still being present in this box is viewable in the video, the box was then secured with serial numbered security tape. The seal will be broken on camera during the break.

If you have any question about the break please feel free to email us at [email protected]


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