Bill & Blaine’s Excellent Adventure…$125,000 Spent At Gen Con Indy 2013!


We raced down to Indianapolis for this year’s Gen Con with our new buyers Blaine and Bill loaded with cash!   The goal was simple…SPEND IT ALL!   Unfortunately we didn’t quite spend it all but we certainly made a BIG splash.   Our buying team is committed to drastically improving our gaming selection across the board, and this show was just the first step.  Here are some of the bigger Magic the Gathering buys from Indy:

  • Complete Set of Alpha
  • Complete Set of Beta
  • Complete Set of Beta
  • Complete Set of Arabian Knights
  • Complete Set of Legends
  • Full Set of Alpha Power 9
  • Full Set of Unlimited Power 9


We spent over $40,000 on older sealed product and also picked up tons of Standard, Modern, Legacy, and Vintage staples!  We are working hard to get everything up for sale…and keep your eyes open for us traveling the country buying!  This is just the start!

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